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If you have been on the search for a spectacular, professional roof cleaning service, then look no further than Miami Roof Cleaning Services. As a reputable roof cleaning company, we take pride in offering high-quality roof cleaning services, along with a wide array of other property maintenance services. Our experts, with their extensive knowledge and experience, are equipped to work on both residential and commercial properties. We provide exterior house washing, building washing, pressure cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, seal and staining services, and much more. We understand that you have a plethora of cleaning professionals to choose from for your outdoor cleaning services, but we aim to be your go-to choice.

We take our work very seriously, always striving for 100% customer satisfaction. Our professionals work diligently and efficiently to provide each customer with superior results. As a roofing contractor, we know the importance of a clean roof, whether it's a tile roof or any other type. We aim to earn your trust as an honest and hardworking pressure washing company.
Our residential customers may be interested in our house washing service, exquisite roof cleaning service, pressure cleaning services, or one of our other dedicated cleaning services. We understand that your home is a significant investment, and we're here to help you care for it.

For our commercial customers, we offer services designed to enhance the exterior appearance of your property. We understand that the success of your business often depends on its outward appearance, and we're here to help your business shine with cleanliness and attractiveness. If you've been looking for pressure washing services or house washing, reach out to our experts today. If you have a dirty roof that needs attention, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to provide you with top-notch, professional roof cleaning service.

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"Very professional crew arrived on time and did a great job on my roof cleaning. They sent me before and after photos that were amazing to see. I will definitely recommend them to my friends! Thanks guys!"
-Sandra J.

Roof Cleaning

Your roof is one of the essential features of your home or commercial space. If you're grappling with dirt, moss, or stains on your roof surface, we're here to help. At Miami Roof Cleaning Services, we offer specialized roof cleaning solutions, including pressure washing and a unique soft wash process, particularly effective for metal roofs. For a meticulous, yet gentle approach, we also provide an optional no-step service. This solution allows us to carry out thorough roof cleaning without stepping on your roof, reducing the risk of damage. And it's not just about cleaning; we ensure a holistic treatment of your roof, which involves the use of a specifically formulated cleaning solution.

We understand that a clean roof is a longer-lasting roof. That's why our services are comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of homes and businesses in South Florida. Whether it's cleaning roof tiles or professional moss removal, our team is equipped to handle it. So, if you're in the Miami area and in need of a roof cleaning expert, look no further than us!

You can also learn more about our roof maintenance service by clicking here

Power Washing

Miami Roof Cleaning Services is a highly experienced company, offering expert pressure clean services in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and surrounding areas since 2011. Our methods blend soft washing and high water pressure techniques that efficiently remove mold, yet are gentle on your roof's surface, resulting in an outstanding finish without the use of harmful chemicals.

Proudly veteran-owned and operated, we're fully licensed and insured. Our courteous staff is bilingual, providing prompt assistance in a timely manner. Accepting most name-brand insurances, we're an award-winning service recognized by Homeadvisor and Thumbtack, and also a proud recipient of the Angie's List Super Service Award.

Whether your requirements are residential or commercial, we've got you covered. Armed with premium cleaning products and a tailored bleach solution, we're equipped to meet all your pressure washer needs. Trust us to deliver effective and swift services that respect both your property and your time.

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"Really excellent job, as they cleaned it well, and were extremely careful to protect our extensive plantings. They even ensured that dirty runoff did not get in the pool. They were able to do this because three men were here, one to clean and two to protect the property. Definitely a class act!"
-John P.

Residential House Wash

Whether you need us to clean your home’s siding or your driveway, you can always count on us for professional residential house washing. We'll gently wash the walls with our soft wash methods, with carefully rinses dirt and stains off your siding. This includes the removal of rust, hard water stains, black and green streaks, as well as dirt and dust. As a fully licensed and insured company, you get the peace of mind knowing we use professional power washing equipment and safe processes. Our goal is to provide you with both outstanding results and customer service — helping you feel proud of your home’s appearance and curb appeal. 

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Commercial Power Washing

Your building's exterior says a lot about the business you run, and when it comes to new clients, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. That's why it's important to make sure that your building's facade looks clean and up-to-date. Storms and general wear and tear can leave a commercial building looking dirty and dated on the outside. Whether you own a commercial property, are the property manager of an apartment building or a member of the HOA, with commercial power washing from Miami Roof Cleaning Services, you can have your space looking as good as new.

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"Excellent quality cleaning at an affordable price! Wilson and his staff are very professional and courteous. Definitely will be using them again for the next cleaning cycle."
-Antonio D.

Gutter CLeaning

Do your gutters need a good cleaning? You could spend your weekend doing the work yourself, or you could come to Miami Roof Cleaning Services, an established roof gutter cleaning service in Miami Dade County. Whether you're in need of a one-time cleaning or are looking for a yearly maintenance package, we're the team to trust.

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Seal & Staining

Want to enhance and protect the look of your wood fencing and decks? Our sealing and staining service will give your wood finishing a sleek, clean look. For our wood sealing and staining, we use Sansin products for the best finish. We also offer seal concrete surfaces to include roof systems, driveways, pool decks, and more. For this service, we use Ghostshield products, a top-of-the line solution that guarantees a quality result.

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"Wilson explained in detail how our metal roof would be cleaned. He did what was promised. Our metal roof was cleaned, and so were our gutters. The work was excellent! The two men who arrived were professional & friendly. We would definitely use this company again."
-Sue R.

Residential Window Cleaning

Ideally, your windows should be cleaned twice a year to keep them in great shape. Outside windows typically have more dirt and stains that the interior of your windows. In south Florida, the salt air tends to leave residue behind near beaches, not to mention that black and green stains develop rapidly in our climate. If left unchecked, these deposits will begin to edge the glass leaving a dull, hazy glass. Regular cleanings ensure that the glass will not need to be replaced and your windows will have a sparkling finish.

At Miami Roof Cleaning Services, we offer exterior window cleaning and use two tried and tested methods to make your windows streak-free. The first method uses the traditional scrub and squeegee while the second method uses ionized purified water with a water pole. Sometimes, we use a combination of the two as well to bring the best results for your windows.

Professional window cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels are a big investment, it is important that they are maintained and kept in good shape in order to get the most out of that investment. Since we are located in Florida, we have high humidity, salt air and bird droppings, all of which impact your solar panel's performance.

We provide professional, safe, and effective solar panel cleaning for your home solar panels. To maximize efficiency, we recommend annual cleanings to keep your solar panels in the best shape.

Solar panel cleaning

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"One of the most professional companies I've ever dealt with. Within 3 hours of my call they were at my home for an inspection and I had a fair estimate that night. Work was scheduled to my convince. They arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently to complete the work. The results exceeded expectations and I will call on them again and highly endorse them."
-Valerie S.

Why Florida Trusts Miami Roof Cleaning Services

Miami Roof Cleaning Services is a fully licensed and insured, owner-operated, and veteran-owned exterior cleaning company. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Miami Dade County, Broward County, and surrounding areas in Florida. We work with most insurance companies, and we offer free estimates and complete appointment flexibility. More than anything else, we want you to enjoy a safer, cleaner and happier property for your family or your staff. You can see what your neighbors are saying about us on our verified reviews page

Our Story: In our market, we find many unscrupulous service providers. We wanted to not only offer a great service — but provide a great company as an option for our community. Our team is full of people who understand the importance of customer service. When we’re not working hard to help make your property look it’s best, you can find us volunteering at community events around Miami. We also offer discounts for schools, veterans, active-duty military, first responders and senior citizens. 

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